caribbean dreams

Did you ever dream of sledging with huskies? Really cute ones, of course with two different eye colors? Well, I did. But until now, I never had the chance to.
Bilderbuch got that chance. For the video of their new single, “Karibische Träume” (Caribbean dreams).

When I heard “Calypso” from the previous album “Nelken & Schillinge” for the first time, the band immediately had me as fangirl number one. Okey, maybe it’s not that bad… but I saw them pretty often live, I have to admit. And I listened to the album for at least three months every day when driving to and from work, always with my fingers tapping to the beat on the wheel and my ass moving left and right on the seat, wanting to jump up and dance to the music.

Finally, Bilderbuch finished recording their new album. It’s going to be released on March 18th at schoenwetter Schallplatten (ink music), and the single is available for download here. Also, take a closer look at the amazing artwork – a picture by my very talented friend ikoon.

Bilderbuch – Karibische Träume

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