I remember how exciting it was for me to go to Popfest last year. For all of you non-Viennese people: Popfest is more or less a little open air festival (some locations are also inside) for Austrian indie-pop bands that started last year, something that my little indie-heart always wanted and never had so close.
I loved sitting on the stairs of the big lake/fountain thing next to the stage, drinking my beer, chatting with friends, listening to Bunny Lake in the background, standing under the balcony of the Wien Museum & watching Paper Bird doing her thing high up there or watching garish improvising when the speakers suddenly won’t work anymore. If I remember correctly, I even saw C. on one of those days for the first time…
Well, however, even though it was lovely, it wasn’t perfect. The big stage was not high enough so nobody from the rows in the back could see shit, the sound from left, right & behind the stage was terrible and there was nearly no food/beer available if you didn’t bring enough.

Tomorrow, the second round of Popfest is starting. I’m looking foward to see what has been improved, and I’ll be there probably every day even though I’m not quite convinced of the line-up – not because it’s not good, but just because over the last year, I’ve seen many of those bands multiple times already. Anyway, here are some of my recommendations, maybe I’ll see you at a show!

Meaghan Burke: Even though she doesn’t live in Vienna anymore, she’s still a regular visitor. Her shows are always amazing, intoxicating and funny. She’ll play on Thursday at 11 pm at Wien Museum.
Trouble Over Tokyo: Because there’s just no excuse for not going to see Toph. Friday, 7 pm, Seebühne.
Panel “Tod der Popkritik”: A friend of mine from fm5 and Susi from fm4 will be discussing there with some other people. Friday, 2 pm, Kunsthalle project space.
Francis International Airport, Ja, Panik & Sex Jams: Three gigs for Saturday where you can go from one straight to the other (FIA 8.30 pm Seebühne, JP 10 pm Seebühne, SJ 00.30 Prechtlsaal) and of which you shouldn’t miss a single one.
Tanz Baby: Because he’s sexy, strange, melancholic, elegant, sad and orotund at the same time. Sunday, 5 pm, Wien Museum.
Ginga: They already played last year at Popfest and were one of the big “discoveries” there – they were all over the press. Which means: if you still don’t know who they are, you’re missing something!! Sunday, 8.30 pm, Seebühne.
Last but really not least: Sweet Sweet Moon. Because I’ll always recommend Matthias. He might seem to be a confused boy living in his own world… and maybe he is. But his music will take your heart and place it on cloud nine. Promised. He’s playing on Saturday at 4 pm at Wien Museum. And while you’re waiting for his gig, you can and should check out his new and very poppy, summery song “Smoke Up”.

See you at Popfest!

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