i’m throwing my arms around paris.

Last week, I was in Paris. It was my third time, although that doesn’t mean too much: the first time was for my 6th birthday, and as you may expect already I spent my time at the Disneyland and was pretty pissed when I was dragged into the city for one afternoon. My second trip to the city of love was with 19 years or so, and again my childish heart drew me towards Mickey and Minnie, so again I only had one day in the city – not even nearly enough to capture the incredible amplitude and diversity of Paris.

This time, it was different. Coming from Gare du Nord and making my way by foot to meet my lovely couchsurfing host, I already saw everything that Paris is famous for: starting off with bistros, boulangeries, patisseries, bars with people enjoying a café, continuing with musical sites such as La Cigale and Le Trianon, and a short glimpse at Sacre Coeur through the side streets. Then, the boulevard turns into heaven for lonely men with one sex shop / live show venue after another, only interrupted by kebap and sandwich places. Finally, my walk culminates with the movie-like scenery of Moulin Rouge, where tourists gather in front to catch a picture with them and the mill in the background.
To round it off, I end my evening just like I’d expect to be a usual evening in a French mid-twenties household to be like: with interesting conversations about music and life, with red wine, olives, self-rolled cigarettes in a little and overprices but totally lovely flat.

The following two days were filled with meetings, conferences and concerts, since the main purpose of my trip to Paris was a music conference. It was an incredibly experience to represent our company abroad for the first time, and I’ve discovered some really good bands about which I’m gonna tell you another time. And until that, you can enjoy the few pictures I made during my last couple of hours in this amazing city where love meets lust and pomp meets poverty, wherever you look.

In the absence of your love
And in the absence of human touch
I have decided I’m throwing my arms around
Around Paris because only stone and steel accept my love.

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