two girls and the trinity. live.

Christopher Owens didn’t have an easy childhood. Growing up in the sect Children Of God, he did not only have to watch the perversities of the believers, but he also had to learn that his elder brother had died of pneumonia because the cult didn’t allow him to go to a hospital.
The past left its marks – Owens, now 32 year old, is still fighting his addiction to opiates. He is quite open about this, as he is with his whole life story. He is dealing with many of his experiences on the second longplayer of Girls, “Father, Son, Holy Ghost”. After their breakthrough with “Album” in 2009, Owens and JR White are leaving fans breathless and music critics overly enthusiastic with the new release.
Even though lines such as “Oh God, I’m tired, and my heart is broken” are not necessarily new in the repertoire of depressive indie rock, Owens’ innocent and deeply sad voice still convinces you that you’re hearing these words for the very first time. Faith and family, love and loneliness, hope and hopelessness at the same time, casted in melodies which underline the atmosphere once more. Very Christian, little holy, but even more divine – even the most renowned music blogs go so far to draw comparisons to the Beatles, Elvis Costello and Deep Purple.

Their current tour will lead Girls for one stop to Austria. Even though they will probably not bring the choir that is quite essential on a couple of the new songs (e.g. “Vomit”) with them, this might be one of the best concerts that Vienna sees in whole 2011. So better don’t miss it: WUK, Nov. 21, tickets available at WUK online shop & Jugendinfo.

Nights I spend alone
I spend ‘em runnin’ round lookin’ for you, baby
Lookin’ for love

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