merry whatever.

I love Christmas. I love the colours, the snow, the smell, the food, the presents, the joy, the family time. But I can’t stand Christmas in social media. Facebook is spammed full with best wishes and YouTube videos of the most terrible songs ever, twitter is full with foodporn and stories about terrible family evenings, the e-mail inbox is full with greetings and out-of-office replies and the feed reader is full with top-of-the-year lists for every category you can possibly imagine.

So, I’m gonna keep this very short here: no matter what religion you are, I hope you have a couple of relaxing days, eat as much as you can and drink even more. I heart every single one of you reading the bullshit I produce here on regular basis.

Love from Hawai’i, where I’ll spend a very unchristmasy Christmas before heading on to California for New Year’s.

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