of mixtapes.

All the mixtapes I ever made were actually mix-CDs. I don’t have that many memories of the actual tapes I owned, but I remember that there was some Bibi Blocksberg and Benjamin Blümchen… however, I think that the first mix-CDs I made were for parties. I had the “Evergreens” one with some evergreen plants on the cover and stuff like “Video Killed The Radio Star” and “Johnny B. Goode” on it, and the “Bed of Roses” one with roses on the cover (I was really inventive, wasn’t I?) with the most terrible lovesongs of the 90s on it, and of course the “Party” one with fireworks on the cover, which I made for some New Year’s party.
Over the years, my siblings, several friends and boyfriends had to endure my making them mix-CDs. I never really received any myself, until a very special person made me an actual mixTAPE (I can’t believe they still produce cassettes) for Christmas. Recently, I got a second and even more amazing one, including some actual spoken goodness by Kill It Kid and Philipp Szalay… but wait, I’m digressing.
So, I guess it’s pretty clear that I love anything that has to do with putting music on some data medium together for somebody else. Which is why I couldn’t help but answer facella’s call to create a mix-CD for a stranger. Today, I received my CD from uuursi.

It’s a wonderful mixture of newer (Bon Iver, Beirut), older (Bob Dylan, The Who) and previously to me unknown (Primitive Radio Gods, Brad Sucks) tracks. So thank you uuursi, I’m stunned by how you totally got my taste, and thank you facella for organizing this. This world clearly needed more mixtapes.

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