martyr and saint. EMA live.

For some of us, EMA delivered the perfect soundtrack for grey days with “Past Life Martyred Saints” about a year ago. Those grey days between melancholy, fragileness and desperation. Those grey days that couldn’t be more emotional and painful. Those grey days at whose end you feel a little more fearless, a little stronger.

EMA, that’s Erika M. Anderson from South Dakota, who made herself a name as part of the drone-folk band Gowns. Since 2010, Erika has been singing solo about broken relationships, alienation, drug consumption, self-injury and abuse. Distressing and shocking, it’s not an easy listen. But as dark as it might be, you can always feel the defiance, the confidence. Because “I know nothing lasts forever – if you won’t love me, someone will” (Red Star). In EMA’s music there is no pretense, no pose. Only raw emotions, recorded on CD. Erika also knows how to translate the drama in her voice – she breaks, she whispers, she screams, she murmurs, without it ever sounding forced.
EMA gave her Austria premiere last year at the Waves Vienna Festival and provided with her performance one of the hightlights of the three days. At the Clubschiff it was gloomy, loud and crowded, but also atmospheric and intense. Erika M. Anderson took the depression of many a song through her humor, but the goose flesh and breathlessness was hardly avoidable.
Now, EMA is coming to Vienna (May 26) and Salzburg (May 27) for two regular club-shows. Highest recommendations and must-see! Tickets here.

I wish that everytime he touched me
left a mark.

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