the truth.

The Wild West and treasure hunts. What kid wasn’t totally obsessed with these two things? Alright, I have to admit that I never was that Bonanza/ Maverick/ Karl May type and went as Pippi Longstocking for carnival and not as cowboy. But I did always admire the shooting skills of Lucky Luke, and I’m quite confident that my treasure hunting skills are excellent after having watched DuckTales The Movie a million times.
For the production of their latest music video, the Upper-Austrian Nintendos were able to make their childhood-dreams come true. In suit and bath robe and with guns and sunglasses, they play badass and go on a treasure hunt in the scenery of a Western film set. Kind of like James Bond meets Indiana Jones meets The Dude meets Jesse James. “The Truth” is apparently taken from the band’s first full length album, which means that we’ll hopefully hear and see some more of The Nintendos soonish.

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