pop-pop-pop, 2012.

For the third year in a row now, Vienna’s (and probably the surrounding area’s) population of indie boys and girls, hipsters, electro-enthusiasts, pop rockers and random passerbys will come together at Karlsplatz to celebrate the Popfest. Four days of (hopefully) sunshine, too much beer, too few toilets, and most important: local music.

My memory of the first year is already blurry, last year however is still clearly there with memories of running around with Mr. Toph’s luggage, a plaster delivery service thanks to drwandel and alice tragedy (stupid Forever21 shoes!) and sitting in the grass with some Black Shampoo and Francis Int. Airport goodness in the background.
I have to admit that this year’s program doesn’t really convince me, which is a lot due to the fact that I’ve seen all of those bands that are concentrated around Vienna already between one and ten times. Which of course also means that what we really need is some fresh musical blood – bands, where are you?
However, I cannot not give you my recommendations for this year, so there you go, one for each day:

- I just learned that the sister of my work colleague is the reason why The Beth Edges are called The Beth Edges, which I find totally amazing. If someone of you ever wants to name a band after me, please feel free! Also, they make this kind of britishy indie rock that makes you feel like you’re at Isle of Wight and not at the lake/fountain thingy in front of the Karlskirche. Thursday, 6.30 pm, Seebühne

- Guitar, bass and drums. That’s what Elektro Guzzi play. But they don’t make rock, they make electronic music. How? See for yourself! Friday, 1.30 am, TU Prechtlsaal

- Monsterheart feat. Die Eternias. The maximum combination of genius and insanity. I have no idea how this is gonna turn out like, but I sure as hell know that I wouldn’t want to miss it. Saturday, 2 am, TU Prechtlsaal

- Squalloscope. Or: Paper Bird. Or: Anna Kohlweis. Mysterious, a stickler for details, with aliens, dreams and a lot of heart. Sunday, 10 pm, Wien Museum

See you at Popfest!

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