rancid, live. finally.

I’ve gone through many musical phases in my life. But the most intense and forming one was probably my punk phase, into which I slid after my metal phase and which somehow faded just before I started university. However, I still have my leather jacket with “I’m not a racist, I hate you all” written on with tipp-ex and my CD shelf is filled with Schleimkeim, Toxoplasma, Normahl and The Devotchkas. The only ones I ever got to see live back then were The Distillers, since nobody cared to play in that tiny town of ours and the only time we ever made it out in the big world was for the festivals, where usually NOFX were as punk as it could get. So when I heard that Rancid are coming to Vienna for their 20th anniversary tour, I felt like 16 all over again. I used to be incredibly in love with Tim Armstrong and I clearly remember our bus ride to France with school when I would listen to “…And Out Come The Wolves” over and over again, singing along to “Olympia Wa.” and “Ruby Soho” and trying to convince my classmate how they are the bestest band in the world.
Many years might have gone in the meantime – my mohawk is long gone, Brody married Josh Homme and has orange haired kids and Tim is trying to keep up with the modern world, doing a musical theater series for the web. But on July 19th, Rancid will be back on stage with “Time Bomb”, and I will be in the first row for some good old pogo.
Tickets? here.

Never fell in love
until I fell in love with you.
Never knew what a good time was
until I had a good time with you.
If you wanna get the feeling and you wanna get it right
then the music’s gotta be loud
for when the music hits I feel no pain at all.

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