I usually don’t write about the same band after I’ve already done that so short before. It’s kind of like that you don’t put two songs from the same band on a mixtape. But today I’m gonna make an exception to this rule, justifying it with how before, I’ve been writing about the band itself and their album, and how today it’s about one of their videos.
Who I might be talking about? Well, it’s Likewise, who just released the video for “Reminder” of their debut album “Prometheus Run”. I already enjoyed the song itself on the album, mainly because its lyrics seem quite cynical but still all in all, the song is nothing but a very honest declaration of love.
The video, which has been produced by Kidizin Sane, features two of the cutest “actors” who made my heart melt when watching it for the first time.

It also made me remember those lovely times back when we where young, when life seemed so easy, when growing up seemed so fascinating, when we would write love letters and giggle and hold hands and run through the woods together. Back then, when our love was pure, when we had heart.

Your name I’m still breathing,
your reasons for leaving. 

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