Amusement parks and traveling carnivals. The best place to be as a child, fun to hang out as a teenager (especially when drunk) and always a good place to celebrate a birthday,  no matter how old.
I have great memories of a trip with my uncle and my aunt to Gardaland, and I love the high you get from driving a roller coaster. Once, which seems like an eternity ago, even a romance found its beginnings between the bumper cars and the cotton candy. Oh and the old carousels with their elegant horses and the sometimes quite annoying circus music, whose atmosphere can also be scary sometimes (or it’s just me having read Something Wicked This Way Comes too often).
Vienna’s Prater is one of the main attractions of the city. But not only millions of tourists flood the Riesenrad and the haunted houses every year, from time to time also bands find their way there – not only to play at the annual Maifest, in the hipster-gone-mainstream disco Pratersauna or in the mainstream-gone-trash disco Praterdome. Also photo shootings, exclusive sessions or album presentations take place between beer, Schnitzel and tin can tossing.

The latest to use that magic scenery are Die Eternias, a four piece rock band that I missed seeing live around five hundred times already.

However – Die Eternias can not only play Velvet Underground and Nirvana tributes, they can also pull off white jumpsuits with red polka dots, combine hangman and Mickey Mouse in their merch and dedicate a whole song to meat. In “Waits”, they steal ice cream and attack a random guy all Clockwork Orange style. And all that of course in totally awesome 8mm film style to the music of their 20ies theatrical velvet-y blues-y gloomy Rock’n'Roll.

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